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Expanding Out of This World with Hi-Pointe Drive-In

Hi-Pointe Drive-In

The Best Burger in the World, Actually.

  • Over 200 Employee Growth
  • 350%+ Revenue Expansion
  • 400% and Counting Location Expansion

Hi-Pointe Drive-In is a fast-casual hospitality brand with a unique character paired with culinary chops to back it up, and our partnership has been a natural relationship since day one. Since engaging with the “dope burger” joint in 2020, a unique time to explore restaurant expansion, we have collaborated with the team to pursue strategic market expansion, focused on areas previously lacking in creative culinary concepts. Markets in which we have expanded have met the brand with open arms. This is all with having a World Food Championship first place, best burger in the world at a fast-casual price.

In addition to market expansion, we have worked to facilitate strategic partnerships with local vendors and sporting destinations to keep this concept top of mind for our partners and restaurant-goers alike.

With a commitment to St. Louis and an eye for growth, we look forward to continuing to bring this experience to culinary consumers, and to seeing how we can utilize modern technology and analytics to drive progress for the concept and to engage communities that support us.

Working with the team at Hi-Pointe to help grow this unique, fast-casual, culinary concept is a real joy. Beyond expanding into strategic markets, this partnership combines our passion for hospitality, people, and family.

Ben H.
Operating Partner

Expanding an Ultra-Unique Fast Casual Dining Concept

Our partnership with Hi-Pointe Drive-In is about more than just burgers. Since partnering, we have created over 200 jobs within the company, expanded into communities that were sorely lacking in local and creative culinary concepts, and contributed more than $100,000 to charitable causes in and around St. Louis.

Guiding Lifelong Leaders

Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs and operators who have lived through the decisions, challenges and joys that come with building companies.

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