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Making SureCam’s U.S. Expansion Goals a Sure Thing


Driving Fleet Technology Forward

  • 4x More Vehicles Covered
  • 100x Increase in Gross Margins
  • North American Team Recruited and Built

SureCam is a technology company focusing on providing commercial fleets with a connected network of dashboard cameras and GPS data. The real-time visibility this hardware provides to their clients allows them to improve the safety of their operation and minimize claim costs. 

Based in the U.K, the founders behind SureCam came to us in 2017 looking for the guidance and capital necessary to expand their operations into the United States market. We saw immediate value in the data SureCam was collecting. Accidents and claims can cause a tremendous amount of financial ruin for smaller companies and anything mitigating that cost would be a big seller.

Working side-by-side with those who knew the business and culture best–its founders–we set out to expand its mission and scope of services. We helped them build an entire North American team, along with nurturing and growing a robust book of business on this side of the Atlantic.

And even though technology is a notoriously competitive space, they built a thriving U.S. operation through their partnership with Lewis & Clark Capital.

Since we first recognized the value and potential of SureCam’s product and data, their business has grown exponentially… and we’ve been able to be with them every step of the way.

Arpan M.
Vice President

Finding Opportunities Where Others Won’t Even Look

Even though their efforts would have been richly rewarded, many traditional private equity firms might have passed on the opportunity to partner with SureCam.

As an early-stage organization with nascent technology, SureCam had the profile of a company that doesn’t always deliver robust returns. But Lewis & Clark Capital tries to avoid making the mistakes of a traditional private equity firm.

By recognizing the underlying value behind the current product being offered and getting to know the founders of SureCam, we recognized this was a company (and people) with a big future ahead of them. A future we wanted to be a part of going forward.

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