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Keeping FTL Finance at the Top of Fintech

FTL Finance

Ridiculously Easy Financing for Contractor Adoption

  • YOY Growth Since 2001
  • 250% Growth in Contractor Partners
  • Contractor Education Platform Implementation

FTL Finance empowers contractors and homeowners to navigate critical projects by removing barriers in the financing process. Through contractor education and a homeowner-focused lending approach, FTL continues to push the industry forward with a “ridiculously easy” financing model.

Our relationship with FTL Finance began in 2001 and has been focused on technological development and company growth with community building at the center. Our collaboration has allowed FTL to continue to make platform enhancements, staying at the top of the Fintech market, while addressing gaps in the financing processes with contractors—ultimately providing a high-level homeowner experience.

More than financing, at the core of FTL, is making home improvement easier on everyone. A core component of the FTL Finance platform is to relieve homeowners of the burden that can come with a critical home improvement project being dropped in their lap.

With a Lewis and Clark partnership, FTL has seen massive growth in contractor adoption, originations, and platform developments with plans for continuous improvement in the years to come.

Our focus with FTL Finance is to continously improve in order to serve contractors and homeowners through critical home improvement cycles—and we’ve grown this way for over twenty years.

Tom H.
Managing Partner

Rapid Development in Burgeoning Fintech

Our focus with FTL Finance is continuous business, technological, and customer experience improvement. The fintech industry has been rapidly growing since our partnership, but particularly in recent years.

We’ve worked with FTL Finance for over twenty years to ensure that their financing platform keeps contractors informed and homeowners engaged. In fintech, relevancy is key, and if growth is not a primary objective, it’s easy to get left behind.

Through contractor education initiatives, the adoption of artificial intelligence to enhance decisioning, and customer experience focus, FTL continues to remain at a constant of rapid development.

Guiding Lifelong Leaders

Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs and operators who have lived through the decisions, challenges and joys that come with building companies.

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