Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs and operators who have lived through the decisions, challenges and joys that came with building companies. Our approach is straight forward, people come first. The potential to have “true significance” in the lives of our investment’s key constituencies—employees, customers, and community, is what drives us today. We don’t just invest, we partner with founders and leaders by rolling up our sleeves.

Starting a business is a challenge. Running a business is a challenge. Growing a business is a challenge. Each new phase of a business is an inflection point. A moment of significant change that requires vision, deliberation, and execution.

Our firm was founded by Tom Hillman, an experienced entrepreneur who through hard work, sharp insight, and an uncanny ability to find and develop the right people, didn’t just thrive–but also helped other entrepreneurs thrive.

At the Moment of Change

Our Vision

No business remains at rest. The scale expands, the scope increases. New markets emerge, new products develop. It’s at these inflection points where having the right partner by your side can make all the difference.


Every Business is a People Business

How We Connect

The true value of a business isn’t found in the data. It’s found in the people who make that business go every day. We want to get to know you and your leadership team, so we can find out exactly how to help you win.


Finding the Right Fit

Investment Criteria

Business Characteristics

While we are open to a wide variety of opportunities in a wide variety of sections, there are a few objective qualities we are looking for in potential investments.

  • Revenues up to $100MM
  • EBITDA up to $5MM
  • Equity: Control investments, including co-investments
  • Headquartered in the US, and with a majority of operations in the US
Business Attributes

We are situation-specific and are generally looking to find partnerships with people and teams who fall into one of the following buckets.

  • Privately owned or family business looking to grow (either in scale or scope of services)
  • Privately owned or family business looking for succession plan guidance
  • Small businesses looking to aggregate their below-the-line business administration functions (accounting, human resources, IT, legal, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurs who have an idea they are looking to bring to life with an infusion of capital and expertise
  • Sectors that we prefer to invest in:
    • Industrial & Consumer Products Manufacturing
    • Value Added Distribution
    • Industrial Services
    • Business Services
    • Alternative Energy
    • Hospitality
Your Perspective

Ask Yourself.

Before partnering with Lewis & Clark Capital, ask yourself these questions. If you find yourself nodding in the affirmative, we might be exactly what you are looking for.

  • Are you looking to partner with a firm who has operational experience and understands the challenges and choices you’re facing?
  • Does your business have potential for making a significant impact in your market?
  • Do you have a skilled and committed management team?
  • Do you have a solid business model that can be scaled up?
  • Are you offering a differentiated product or service?

Environment, Sustainability, & Governance

We are continuously committed to ensuring that our portfolio companies, as well as Lewis and Clark as a whole, are taking steps toward or exceeding at developing practices that ensure a better environment for us all.

Building companies is hard work, and incredibly rewarding. It’s empowering to do it with great people, and to know you have trusted advisors and mentors in your corner.

Max H.
Operating Partner

Partnering and supporting managers in our businesses is one of my most rewarding roles. Our shared services team at Lewis & Clark helps support our portfolio companies as they grow. We can provide expertise and assistance in a wide variety of functional areas when companies don’t yet have the ability to bring on their own resources.

Meg L.
Chief Financial Officer

Leading a team and operating a business is one of the most rewarding and challenging times in our professional lives. One challenging aspect is finding the unbiased, knowledgeable, “trusted confidant” the leader needs to be most effective. I always encourage leaders to seek these experienced sounding boards and counsel often to allow them to be the best version of themselves.

Tim S.
Managing Director

Explore Careers Within Our Portfolio

Our portfolio companies, along with Lewis and Clark are ever-growing and industry-pushing experiences. We are always looking to bring on talented and motivated individuals that match our values.

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