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Expanding through Environmentally Conscious Automation

Automation Service

Internationally Recognized Remanufacturing

  • 10x 10-Year Revenue Growth
  • Resealing Successful Vertical Integration

Automation Service, a beacon of innovation in manufacturing, stands out not only for its cutting-edge solutions but also for its commitment to fostering a positive environmental impact. With a forward-thinking approach, Automation Service has pioneered technologies that streamline manufacturing processes, optimizing efficiency while concurrently minimizing environmental footprints.

Dating back to 2013, our partnership with Automation Service has been one of commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing processes with a vision for how their existing systems can adapt to other industry verticals.

By embracing automation, this internationally recognized remanufacturing organization contributes to reduced energy consumption and waste in production, showcasing a dedication to sustainability. In an industry often scrutinized for its ecological impact, Automation Service sets a positive example by aligning technological advancements with environmental stewardship, demonstrating that progress in manufacturing can indeed go hand in hand with a greener, more sustainable future.

Identifying opportunites for expansion into other verticals within Automation Service’s manufacturing sector has created a collaborative partnership with the team and shown proof through growth over the years.

Meg L.
Chief Financial Officer

Eco-Friendly Efficiency in Remanufacturing

Our partnership with Automation Service represents a commitment to organizational growth through customer service and continued international recognition.

Automation Service’s reputation as a customer-focused industry player not only sets them apart but positions them as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide seeking reliable and innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation.

Since partnering with Lewis and Clark in 2013, the company has seen considerable revenue growth and has successfully expanded into various market verticals in the automation and remanufacturing sectors.

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