Marisa Nardoni

Senior Executive Assistant, Lewis & Clark Holdings

Great culture fosters great things – a drive to engage and support, to over-deliver, and to contribute meaningfully towards overall success.


  • (Former) Operations Manager Lewis & Clark Holdings
  • (Former) Senior Consultant Deloitte & Touche, LLP
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Computer & Information Sciences Spring Hill College

Marisa is a Senior Executive Assistant at Lewis & Clark Capital, where she joined in 2011 (dba FTL Capital LLC).  She has served the organization in multiple capacities over the course of her tenure.  Marisa’s current responsibilities are focused in providing advanced support to Lewis & Clark Senior Executives.

Marisa has 25+ years of proven experience in the professional services industry, having worked in consultative fashion prior to engaging in private equity.  She provides extensive operational and administrative knowledge, complemented by broad customer service skills which enable her to capably serve both internal and external key stakeholders.